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Who We Are

​The Builder Foundation (TBF) was created in the early 1990s as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization associated with the Metropolitan Omaha Builders Association (MOBA). 

Currently assisting The Builders of the Future program now in 36 high schools reaching 500 students per year.

"Building and Developing Tomorrow's Construction Leaders"




Vice President 

         John Stalnaker               


         Stalnaker, Becker & Buresh, P.C.

sarah jones.jfif


                 Sarah Jones                         

                 Utilization Engineer at

                 Metropolitan Utilities District 

Jerry ramm 2019.jpg


                Jerry Ramm     

                Ramm Construction Inc. 


sara hansen turner.jfif


                Sara Hansen

                Workforce Development Manager

                 at Turner Construction Company

Mike Riedmann.jpg


            Mike Riedmann
            President Emeritus
           NP Dodge Real Estate

mark b.JPG

Executive Director 

               Mark Bowder

               The Builder Foundation

Ken Sorenson.jpg


         Dave Hartman
         Senior Vice-President,

         Core Bank

ted at breakfast .jpg


           Ted Grace
           Altech Builders     

           Co Founder of

           Builders of the Future

AC Profile Pic.jpg


               Jim Rieker

                Vice President,

                Advantage Capital

Denny Van Moorleghem.gif


                 Denny Van Moorleghem
                 President, Regency Homes

Mark Westergard.jpg


                 Mark Westergard
                 CEO, E&A Consulting Group

Malinie Staben.jpg


               Maline Staben 

                Vice President of

                Residential Construction,

                Union Bank & Trust Company

jim musil.jpg


                Jim Musil

                Supervisor of

                Career Education Department 

                of Omaha Public Schools

Board of Directors


           Ken Sorensen

            Design Associates, Inc.

Our Mission Statement

  • Building & Developing Tomorrow's Construction Leader


Our Commitment

  • (TBF) is committed to encouraging and educating the next generation of construction trade specialists with a focus on residential and light commercial industries.

  • (TBF) accomplishes this by encouraging young men and women to consider a future in construction.   (TBF) is committed to work with schools, community colleges and other organizations teaching construction skills.

  • (TBF) involvement is designed to include mentoring, funding for educational scholarships and employment opportunities.

  • The counties in our program have an AMI range from Dodge at 72% to Cass at 57%. (


Our Goal

  • To create an environment of learning that motivates young people to seek a career in the construction industry.

  • To facilitate the process whereby young people can learn trade skills and become enthused to pursue careers in residential and light commercial construction.

  • To set the individual on a career path that is personally and financially rewarding. 

  • Shorten the skilled labor gap.


Kenneth A Sorensen

A.I.A.Design Associates, Inc.

12550 W Maple Rd Omaha, NE 68164


The Builder Foundation

c/o  Design Associates, Inc.

12550 W Maple Rd

Omaha Ne 68164


Ted V. Grace 

 Builders of the Future Co-Founder

14440 F” Street, Suite 117

Omaha, NE  68137

                      o: (402) 758-9500 Ext. 14

                      c: (402) 960-0603


"Building & Developing Tomorrow's Construction Leaders" 

Tom christensen.png


                Tom Christensen       


                Christensen Lumber

Mike Riedmann.jpg