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History of Builders of the Future


1993      Program was referred as The Playhouse Project ( 27 years age)  The program was administered through the Metro Omaha Home Builders Association (MOBA).  ● The program was started by Co-Founders: Steve Skidmore & Ted Grace. ● Builders provided a playhouse and the sales and proceeds were allocated towards scholarships.  MOBA members provided materials for the playhouses.  


1995      Name changed to Builders of the Future.  ● Provided funding for materials, suppliers provided windows, siding, house wrap, and shingles.  ● Each school is sponsored by a mentor. The mentor provides field trips to newly constructed homes.  The mentor and sponsor also provide expert presentations for class room discussion. ● 5 to 9 schools participated. ● The Industrial Technology teachers and students were given size and height restrictions, and a dead-line for project completion. ● The finished product was graded for workmanship, design, utility and team work effort. Awards were presented for outstanding work. 

● Playhouses were put on display at the West Roads and Oak View Mulls and Street of Dreams.


2001       In October The Builders Foundation was formed as a non-profit 501(c)3 for purposes of  funding scholarships and funding for Builders of the Future; independent of MOBA.  Board members for Builders of the Future were also active MOBA builders and associates.


2002      The Builder Foundation broadened its mission to develop and build affordable housing through tax

credit financing.


2004       Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (N.I.F.A.) endorsed the Southern Valley Townhome   project

located at 17th and “Q” Street; which is a 48-unit townhome community.  Construction started in 2009 and was

completed in 2010.


2007-2014            Due to the banking and financial crisis in 2007 and 2008 The Builders of the Future program was discontinued until 2015.  It took home builders several years to overcome the effects from the banking and financial crisis. 


2015      Funds received from building Southern Valley Town Homes project allowed the sponsorship to pay

tuition for 13 students enrolled in dual enrollment courses.  ● Builders of the Future was restarted with 12

schools. ● Funding was provided to pay a Program Facilitator, who is a Retired Industrial Technology Teacher

who works in a supportive role with the teachers and students. ● The Program Facilitator also coordinates with

the mentors, partnerships with MOBA, Metro Community College and Avenue Scholars.


2018 / 2019        Current School Year  ● 26 schools and approximately 400 industrial technology students.  ● 14 dedicated committee members.  ● Budget for 20 dual-enrollment students.  ●Budget for 12 “Teach the Trainers” program with MCC (Summer school for industrial technology teachers)  ●  20 - $2,000 to $1,500 scholarships provided by MCC to qualified students.  ● $8,000 scholarships to selected industrial technology students provided by Avenue Scholars.


The success of this program is attributed to our dedicated Committee Members, Teachers that promote the industrial technology trades, Builder’s and Mentors who are willing to give their time and resources.  Suppliers and Contractors who provide materials and services to accommodate the Schools and the Teachers.  Our Program Facilitator who diligently works with the teachers and communicates with the students.  We are thankful for the funding we have received from our sponsors and partnerships with other non-profits who support our mission.  All proceeds from the sale of the playhouses/projects are used to provide tools for classrooms, students taking college courses who need tools, dual enrollment courses and scholarships.