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Wayne State College 

Skilled and Technical Sciences Education  

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Teacher's Scholarships 

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Papillion LaVista High School

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St. Cecilia High School

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Pierce High School

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Winside High School

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Krystin Aschoff

I am from Hastings Graduated from St. Cecilia High School. 

I attended Central Community College for one year and now I am enrolled at Wayne State as Skilled and Technical Sciences Secondary Education Major 

Zach Covington 

I am from Papillion Nebr. Graduated from Papillion LaVista High School.

Plan on attending Wayne State College in the fall.         I plan on majoring in Skilled and Technical Sciences Secondary Education 

Alex Lindsay 

Graduate of Pierce High School

Currently at St. Paul 

Mark Bloomfield

Graduated  Dec  2021

Background in auto repair

before attending WSC

Hired By Stanton High School

which is now part of Builders of the Future program 

Scholarship Furnish by 

Ken Sorensen

Scholarship Furnish by 

Mike Riedmann

Scholarship Furnish by 

Mike Riedmann 

Scholarship Furnish by 

Mark Bowder 

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